Hebrew Roots Melbourne

שורשים עבריים מלבורן


We are

Followers of Jesus

We keep his



We meet every fortnight

And for the biblical festivals

Learn to live like our Hebrew Messiah, Yeshua. 

למד לחיות כמו משיחנו העברי ישוע

To Join us, please contact us.  

Walk ins are welcome, however, we like to say hello first. 
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About Us


Hebrew Roots Melbourne (HRM) was founded in 2013. 

Starting as a home based Bible study group, HRM has since expanded to be a hub for people returning to the Hebrew roots of the Bible.


We meet every fortnight on the Sabbath to study the Bible and worship. We also keep (as best we can!) the Biblical festivals. 


Our meeting is in a hall in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Please contact us for exact details. 

There's also frequent social events and home study meetings for regular members.

Our two main pillars of belief are the love of Messiah and observance of His commandments. 


Our community is vibrant with various shades of belief. 


You're most welcome to join and connect with us.



Hebrew Roots Melbourne studies the whole word of God.

We use the annual Torah cycle, which is a yearly study program of the five books of Moses, as our foundation to study the whole Bible.

Every fortnight members of the congregation present their thoughts on the week's Torah Portion and discussion is encouraged.