What to expect

למה לצפות

We're a community that gathers to worship Jesus and study the Bible. 

We meet in a small church hall and welcome visitors. 

When we get together, we start with prayer and announcements followed by worship. Our little community relies on members to choose uplifting worship videos which we sing. 


Before we study the Torah Portion we perform 'kiddush'. Kiddush is a Hebrew word meaning 'sanctification'. It's generally completed on Friday night and is a wonderful way to set apart the Sabbath day. Kiddush comprises of select prayers and blessings, including the blessings over the bread and wine. Far from meaningless words, Kiddush is a wonderful process for entering the Sabbath. 

Following this we read and study the Bible. Generally, two people prepare presentations on the week's portion of Scripture. After each presentation discussion is encouraged (which can get exciting!). 


We do study the Bible in context so many of the lessons and discussions had are about the 1st century and how the apostles lived and walked after Jesus. We often study Hebrew concepts which can seem weird, but these were once familiar to believers and were common place in the time of the Bible. 

Below, you'll see some sample prayers and blessings from our Kiddush service. We hope you like them!