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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a testing time for everyone. For believers in particular, the pandemic has tested the resolve of our faith communities that we have come to rely on. In Melbourne, it has been especially hard as the lock-down was extended and tightened beyond nothing our fair city has ever seen before.

Despite the challenges, HRM has not stopped moving forward, and like many other congregations we have moved our fellowship on-line. We know that in times like these, practical measures geared towards ensuring the bonds of fellowship staying strong are some of the most important tools faith based communities can equip themselves with.

In this environment, it is certainly hard to maintain these bonds - the temptation to simply wait for our Messiah to come and carry us out of this crazy world is an understandable and strong desire, but, is nevertheless a response that runs contrary to the message of our faith and our Messiah. Now more than ever we must be proactive, on the front foot, and willing to engage with our world.

We don't do this alone though, but in the confident knowledge that we step out into the world each day with the God of the Universe in our corner. Times like these do challenge us, but they are opportunities to be tackled head on. Each day, with each restriction, we are forced more so than ever to question how far we are willing to go to serve our Messiah on his terms, and we do so knowing that our Messiah's light shines through us ever more brightly as the world gets darker.

We therefore want to let everyone know that our current on-line gatherings will not be permanent, but will continue to be part of how we deliver our fellowship as we go back to meeting in person - and we certainly will. As always, we welcome anyone who wants to fellowship with us - if you believe Yeshua is the Messiah and the Torah guides you in living a righteous life, get in touch.

If you don't, but want to learn, get in touch.

Now more than ever, we need Yeshua, his Torah, and each-other.


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