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Mattot - Masa'ei

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Mattot (Tribes) Masa’ei (Stages)

Mattot always falls during the intense period of communal mourning and repentance which is referred to as ‘the three weeks between the straits.’ This period extends from the 17th day of the fourth biblical month through to the ninth day of the fifth biblical month. The destruction of the Holy City of Jerusalem and the razing of Beit HaMikdesh [the Temple] occurred during this three-week period. The first time Jerusalem fell to foreign armies and the Temple was destroyed was in the year 586 CE (Jeremiah 52:12 – 13). The second time it occurred was in 70CE when the army of Rome was commanded by Titus Flavus. Both occurred in this three-week period ’between the straits’.

The life-and-death struggle for which Torah began to prepare us for in parsha Pinchas is about to erupt! It is time for us to be ready! How appropriate were the words of Micha’el in the last newsletter (see at the end of this article)?

It is important that we relate the Father’s message in Mattot to us today.

The Hebrew meaning of Mattot constitutes a pictographic mural showing someone stretching out, or extending his hand, to offer something or to reach for or toward something. This makes them extensions of the sons of Yisrael or the 12 tribes. The inherit problem with tribes are that they are TRIBAL. Just like today where we have thousands upon thousands of followers of YHWH but each being in their own tribe. The call of today is for unity of the brethren and not head down a rabbit burrow taking us away from the Torah and Yeshua’s presence in it and so missing the Father’s glory, holiness, beauty, wisdom, will and ways as our ONLY focus. Just think about the 12 tribes having been camped in their tribal groups for 40 years and so becoming comfortable and safe in their separate tribes.

Can you relate to this today?

We should remember that to be tribal was the Father’s plan (the census called for them to raise their heads towards the Father and then give their tribal name as their identity).

However, being tribal they do not see the world the same way. That means they do not think the same way! They do not value the same things. And even the things they do all value they tend to value to significantly different degrees.

The glory of the Father, His holiness, beauty, wisdom and will always MUST quickly become the main focus of everything being thought, talked about and done.

Yosef was well aware of unity when he said in:

Genesis 45:24 Don’t quarrel amongst yourselves when travelling. - >UNITY!


Numbers 31:1,2

  1. Adonai said to Moshe,

  2. “On behalf of the people of Isra’el, take vengeance on the Midyamim. After that, you will be gathered to your people.”

Very name of Midyani means strife. There is no mention in the Torah of Midyani being engaged in mortal combat. [This changes in Judges 6:2].

They were involved in disputes.

  • Genesis 37:28 they bought and sold Yosef

  • Exodus 2:15 – 17 they drove the daughters away

  • Exodus 2: 18 – 22, 3:1 Again Midyan exploited and profited from the strife of others

  • Numbers 25:1 – 3, 5 – 6, 9 Used the beauty of a Midyan princess Cozbi and others to lure Isra’el’s princes away from the Father’s plan for them.

  • Numbers 25:17 – 18 Their sins were outlined.

There is a time for peace . . . but there is also a time for war. Now is apparently a time for war.

YHWH our Elohim is not a violent Elohim, but commands holiness. But, after all the chances they were given, Midyan still kept causing strife and tried to lure Bnei Isra’el away from YHWH’s glory, His holiness, beauty, wisdom and will. It is a time for war!

Blessings of endurance in Yeshua from Micha’el and Ashley

Let us be mindful of the season we are in and/or approaching for the enemy knows that his time is short and he has great wrath and comes to make war with the saints; especially with those who keep the commandments of Yah and have faith in Yeshua! There are many who are walking the Torah intellectually rather than by, or with, faith which will be detrimental in these days to withstand the onslaught of the enemy. Our individual and corporate strength will come via radical faith & obedience to YHVH and walking in unity with the Saints. We must apply faith and love in our Torah observance and keep watch, for like Balak, the enemy of our souls is looking at all angles and from every high place, looking for (creative) ways to cause us to stumble. So be strong in the Power of Yeshua's Might who has overcome all and if we continue to abide in Him, then as He promised in John 15, we shall bear much fruit! We bless you with holy endurance to finish the race well and to enter the Promised Land!

Shalom, shalom

The BenDavids

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